Paris behind the Eiffel Tower


paris-881470_1280The city of lights, the home of romance, the capital of France and a place with too many labels, Paris. There are crowds there, many crowds and many people, and no matter why you are visiting this city, this is the first thing you will realize. Tourists who come here to feel the magnificent spirit of the city, immigrants who are seeking happiness, those who have travelled so much to come here and simply fall in love, people with different fates and people with different stories. Paris is indeed its sights – the Louvre, the Montmartre, the Eiffel Tower. Paris is its museums and galleries, its boulevards and shops, but there is something hidden behind all of these. There is something charming and enthralling that makes you want to come back and even never leave. Because no matter how impressive this same tower is, it’s nothing more than a pile of iron. (more…)

You want to be an entrepreneur, but are you aware of these?


What does being an entrepreneur mean – you have no boss, no working time, you are free and careless, you are fully responsible for yourself, for your future. It sounds so good, so attractive that there is almost no single person who at some point in his life has not dreamed of being an entrepreneur. But nothing is that perfect in life and this occupation has its ups and downs as well.The truth is that you should decide, is it all worth it in the end?

There is no school and no person who can teach you how to become an entrepreneur – it is too risky and uncertain, it does not follow a simple way to success, you have to overcome too many little (and some bigger ones as well) failures before you can feel the satisfaction of doing something completely alone and it so enthralling, this damn moment, when you wake up and everything you have dreamed about for so long, is real. (more…)

Credit cards can indeed help you financially, but how?


What everybody is talking about are the downsides of the credit cards – the debt, the interests, the more money you spend in this way and so on. But if they were indeed so evil and the bad hero in every story, why do they still exist and why do so many people have such cards and why are they using them on a daily basis? Yeah, these questions lead to the logical answer that the credit card, though we rarely admit, have an upside, too, and even several pros we rarely mention. But it is about time to honor them and talk about their obvious (or not so) advantages.   (more…)

The back-to-work fashion guide


The autumn is knocking on the door and you can feel it with all your senses – the nights are not that boiling hot anymore and you need a cardigan when you are going on a date with your one and only in that lovely newly opened Italian restaurant in the town centre, every morning when you are jogging you can feel the air – colder and fresher, the autumn wind is coming and it brings a whole new season with it, which comes together with new emotions, sensations, many unknowns you are curious about, which awake your adventurous side. And the days from your summer vacation are passing by so quickly that too soon you will be back to work or to school and you better be prepared. And, my girls, when I am talking about preparation, I mean a whole bunch of autumn-winter collections, which is waiting for you in the stores. Go shopping, but know what to look for.   (more…)

How to look UH-mazing every day


They say that all girls dream about fairy tales, about a prince on a white horse, who is coming to rescue the girl, innocent and defenseless, about a “kingdom”, shared love, big family and so on. And yeah, all girls kind of dream of a scenario like this, they have imagined it for so long, when the fairy tales seemed real and they were all so little, but then the reality happened and another wish appeared, stronger and far more real – the desire to look impressively, to leave people out of breath, to make them all turn around and watch them, while they are passing by. So let’s be frank and admit that what girls dream of, is an always uh-mazing look and crowds lost in admiration.

So here are the few tips that will assure you the men’s approval, the women’s envy and your pure happiness.

Be confident

This sounds more than cliché, but the truth is that there is nothing sexier than a girl, who is aware of what she is and simply likes it. Confidence is attractive, a person who likes his own figure and even the imperfection he knows about, is attractive. So smile wide, be proud and never look at the ground, while you are walking. Appreciate your own beauty and everyone will adore it.

Have a style, don’t follow trends

Trends are transitory and inconstant and one can be the most adorable thing today and so out-fashioned the tomorrow, and that’s indeed not the best idea for a chic lady. So don’t be a sheep, following others, without having an opinion, a character, style. Create your own one, be unique, look gorgeous and splendid. And if you have so difficulties, steal the fashioncelebstyle and you will impress for sure.

Reduce the anxiety right now and live calmly and happily ever after


It is the lifestyles we have these days – challenging and busy, with schedules always full, with free time absolutely insufficient and to-do lists with never ending tasks, those lifestyles keep our minds busy and us nervous and stressed. But as we learn to live with it with the time, as we experience the stress in the high-school because of the bullying and the searching of balance between the conformism and the desire to outstand, as we get more stressed when we are forced to think about our future and even to make decisions – of great importance and pretty final, we consider it as absolutely normal.

The society makes us believe that the high-level of stress is something that comes up together with the personal success and growth.

But, unfortunately, too often this situation gets even worse and what we start experience are frequent panic attacks and constant anxiety. And it’s pretty logical that this kind of lifestyle will lead to this kind of condition. But what we have learned in life indeed is that we cannot give up, we should not, and therefore we have to avoid the panic attacks and reduce the anxiety no matter if they occur in a normal sunny day, when we are chilling and laughing, walking in the park or shopping, or they occur while we are having a pretty serious exam or a job interview. People with anxiety will understand, there is no certainty and no rules, and no matter how happy you think you are, and how balanced your entire life is, a single panic attack and an hour full of anxiety may ruin your mental equilibrium. And then what we are wondering is: is there a way to cope with this annoying and unpleasant situation?

And luckily, a pretty simple solution is waiting for you.

Accept that you are anxious

The first step sounds too easy, but turns out to be more than relevant. The truth is that you cannot cope with a problem if you are denying its existence. So admit that you are anxious, take a deep breath and remember that this is just a feeling you can control. So accept the reality and do your best to change it in a way you will be happier and steadier.

Calming & Anxiety Fast Stress Relief

The good news is that there is a safe and effective way that will help you a lot with your anxiety problems and this are the Anxiety Ease capsules. They are natural and have no negative side effects and what they do is allowing you to live calmly without feeling trapped, without mourning over your miserable existence and without questioning each of your actions and decisions. These capsules quickly reduce stress and anxiety and thus you can focus much better, you can have a better memory and a calmer mind. You will experience a rapid boost in relaxation and you will be able to cope with difficult and tense situation much better. And the overall result is you having a life you haven’t even dreamt of.

Shoes, shoes, shoes


They are eternal and powerful: heels and flats, sandals and ballerinas, boots and platforms, shoes, shoes, high-heels-606305_1280shoes. And as every woman has her own fashion obsession, too many of us adore shoes, in every form, color, height, yes, all of them. We are just like the characters from Sex and the City and prefer spending a great amount of our money for precious pairs of shoes, because we enjoy seeing our salary in the closet just like Carrie do, and not in the bank account. And there is not a single moment in the life of each woman or girl, when she simply doesn’t have a crush on shoes, a pair of shoes she is dreaming of and she is even imagining outfits and so on, because she is so in love with them.  (more…)

Guest blogging is useless without social sharing


The guest blogging is indeed one of the most efficient marketing tools and though it was said to be out of date and dead, it is still used perfectly for SEO needs, achieving more than good results. And all marketing experts will start telling you about its advantages almost always with the content, which I also believe is too important. The content is what makes one post no matter if it is a guest one or not, better than the others, it attracts audience and thus extends the reach. The links are of great importance as well and are even more determining for the success, as for the SEO needs the goal of a guest post is most often more clicks, more traffic and above all things more people, who will take a look at your website and would become interested in what you offer and hopefully will eventually use your service.

And I am more than sure that there is no person, who is familiar with this question, who won’t agree with these two facts.   (more…)

Travelling thoughts


They say that a man can be truly himself only when he is travelling and yeah, I bet they are right. Travelling gives you wings when you have set a foot strongly on the ground, gives you new perspectives and teaches you so much, you get lost, but inspired, you realize that your dreams have no expiration date and it’s never too late to depart, to learn French, to climb a mountain, to dive in the water, to grow, to stop and start again. It’s never too late and you are never too old, till your soul is wild and young. And when you are somewhere alone, you have only the sky and the sea, and time to dwell.  (more…)

How to: packing before the end of tenancy cleaning

boxes for end of tenancy cleaning

Your family is getting bigger and it’s not only just the two of you anymore, so it was about time to change the small flat, you rented just after you graduated from the university, with a new bigger house with separate bedrooms for the two kids and one spacious for you, with two bathrooms, a nice kitchen, living room and an office. Yeah, you are excited that you will finally live in the home of your dreams and you know you deserve it, but there are a few things you have to complete before you move out. You made a research and found the best London’s cleaning company that offers absolute professionalism, but you still have to pack all your stuff. Well, that may sound a little scary and to a great extent tiring, but if you know how to do it, it won’t take you a lot of time, and soon you will be able to enjoy your serene happiness.


Just before the move out you are always busy. You have millions of things to coordinate – you have to plan when the cleaning company to come for the end of tenancy cleaning, when the transport company to take all of your stuff, when the landlord to arrive for an inspection. So, make a proper organization. You need many boxes for sure, so start with providing them. Then, decide how many you will need for your belongings in the living room or in the bedroom and sort them out. Make sure that you will have enough packing materials and you won’t end up in the middle of the move out not knowing what to do.